​Post Production Scripts

Post Production Scripts (PPS) has been delivering high quality transcripts, as-produced, Detailed Dialogue and Action Continuity Scripts (DDACS), Combined Continuity Spotting Lists (CCSL) and custom designed scripts since 2002. In 2013, PPS began offering Described Video (DV), caption scripting and encoding.

Using the power, speed and versatility of a proprietary time code and film footage converter/calculator, PPS is able to deliver highly accurate and easily customized scripts at a competitive price. For example, we recently delivered scripts for an MOW that required several different commercial break positions and time code versions. The converter can offset thousands of time code entries in a few seconds so the production paid one low price and received three differently formatted scripts because PPS is able to avoid the high costs of manually inputting and converting time codes. For a demonstration of the speed and power of our system, please CONTACT US.

Owned and operated by John Nabereznyj and Vanessa Ring, PPS always takes great care to deliver perfectly formatted, highly accurate scripts that are easily readable.

It's this commitment to quality, speed and service that keeps our clients happy.

And that makes us happy.